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Resale Certificates

What is a resale certificate? #

In short, a resale certificate allows a business to exempt themselves from sales tax. It is a certificate granted by the government (usually at the state level), that gives the ability to the holder to pass sales tax responsibility through to the end consumer. Resale certificates are relatively cheap, and prices vary by state from $0 – $200. Think about that.. depending on the size of your order, the certificate could pay for itself after just one order!

Resale Certificate Example #

For example: If you are a hotel, restaurant, or catering business, chances are you are purchasing packaging in order to sell and serve your customers food products. If you are a resale certificate holder in the state you are purchasing goods from, you would not be liable to pay the sales tax on those purchases. Sales tax would be charged to the end consumer, so it is only collected once by the government.

Conclusion #

We suggest all of our customers to look into whether they are eligible for a resale certificate so we can exempt you from sales tax! Eco-pliant is required to keep a copy of this certificate on file at all times. Please make sure you double check your eligibility to ensure compliance with the legal requirements.

Eco-pliant makes it easy to upload a copy of your resale certificate right in your account dashboard! Just visit the “Tax Exemption” page in your dashboard and send us your PDF document with the file uploader.

Quick note: You must be logged in to upload your resale certificate.

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