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Customer Questions and Answers – Wooden Cutlery

Question: Are the wooden cutlery items compostable?

Answer: Yes! The wooden cutlery is 100% compostable. Also, since it is made from a natural wood material, it doesn’t even need to be certified because it will return back to nature the same way it came from nature.

Question: Are the wooden cutlery items recyclable?

Answer: Yes, the wooden cutlery is recyclable. Make sure to clean them off to the best of your ability before discarding into the recycling bin.

Question: What is the best way to use these wooden utensils?

Answer: Our recommendation is to provide the utensils only upon request. This way it encourages customers to use their own cutlery. Also, if your city or state has banned plastic cutlery from being served at your restaurant, then wooden cutlery make a great eco-friendly substitute for takeout and delivery food orders.

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