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Overview – Memberships

What is a Membership account? #

A Membership account unlocks the very best of Eco-pliant. Members enjoy the ease of sitting back and letting Eco-pliant take care of the work. Each Member receives a series of perks built around providing the best service to our clients. If you are looking to speed up the purchasing aspect of your restaurant or food business, look no further than an Eco-pliant Membership. Check out all the cool features by visiting our Member Signup page!

How do I create an account? #

Please visit our Member Signup page to create an account. Once you submit your information, you’ll be required to activate the link in the email we send to you. This way, we can confirm you’re a human and get right down to business serving your needs.

How does the Membership billing work? #

Memberships are completely free. One of the perks of a Membership, is the choice to pay on terms, or with a credit card. We like to give our customers the flexibility to choose.

Payment Terms #

In order to receive terms, our accounts team must verify business credit. We may request forms from you including, but not limited to:

  • Credit references
  • Dunn and Bradstreet credit report
  • Credit card on file

Once we’ve verified credit, you will then have your terms activated on your account, and you are free to order as you wish. At any time, our accounts team may revoke terms in a fair and reasonable manner.

Credit Card #

A Member may pay by credit card at any time at the time of sale. If a Member is to pay with a credit card at the due date of an Invoice on terms, then a 3.5% credit card processing fee may be charged.

What happens if I want to cancel my Membership? #

Clients may cancel their Membership at any time provided their account is in good standing, and all payments have been scheduled or paid off by the time of cancellation. Eco-pliant reserves the right to collect money due upon cancellation of a client’s Membership account.

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