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Customer Questions and Answers – Portion Cups and Lids

Question: How can I tell if the portion cups and/or lids are eco-friendly?

Answer: Each portion cup has its compostable or recyclable designation on its product page. You can find this info under the “Key Features” section of the product pages. Depending on the use-case, you may need to decide whether you need a compostable or recyclable portion cup.

Question: What are the portion cups made out of?

Answer: Portion cups are made from a variety of materials. The portion cups included in this product selection are made from either PLA (clear portion cups), Natural Fibers (natural color portion cups), or PET/PP (also clear portion cups). Please make sure you check the “Key Features” tab to make sure you are purchasing the right portion cup for your use-case.

Question: Can I put oil-based liquids like salad dressings and sauces in the fiber portion cups? 

Answer: Yes, the fiber portion cups are durable enough to hold oil-based liquids for a reasonably long amount of time. If you are doing to-go food on or on-site catering. Have confidence that the fiber portion cups will perform greatly for your application.

Question: Are the portion cups microwaveable?

Answer: It depends. The PLA and PET portion cups are NOT microwaveable. The Fiber portion cups ARE microwaveable.

Question: Which lids fit each of the portion cups?

Answer: Refer to the “Related Products” section at the bottom of each product page to find the matching lids or bases for each particular item.

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