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Customer Questions and Answers – Paper Carryout Bags

Question: Are the paper bags compostable?

Answer: Yes, the bags are 100% compostable because they are made from the natural fibers of tree paper.

Question: Are the paper bags recyclable?

Answer: The paper bags are definitely 100% recyclable. In addition to that, most of our bag selection is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. This means that no trees were cut down in order to make our bags.

Question: Are the paper carryout bags good for delivery?

Answer: Yes absolutely, the bags are perfectly designed for delivery, and also carryout. 

Question: How do I know if my containers will fit in the bags?

Answer: You can find the bag dimensions on the product pages. We hand select the bags to fit the most popular takeout containers, so chances are we have the right bag for you.

Question: Can I custom print or put my logo on the bags?

Answer: Yes, if you want to print on your bags, we can absolutely help you bring that to life. There are minimum order requirements and artwork proofs needed, and we can walk you through the process in our Knowledge Base article on Custom Printing.

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