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Customer Questions and Answers – PLA Bowls and Lids

Question: Are the PLA bowls and lids compostable?

Answer: Yes, the bowls and lids in this collection are all 100% compostable. They will break down in a commercial composting facility in 2 to 4 months.

Question: What are the PLA bowls and lids made out of?

Answer: All of the bowls and lids in this collection are made from PLA, a common and sustainable biopolymer. Learn more about PLA here.

Question: Are the PLA bowls and lids freezer safe?

Answer: We do not recommend using PLA in the freezer. The material by design is supposed to be able to break down, therefore making it brittle and susceptible to cracking in freezing temperatures. Although PLA may be just fine for leftovers in the freezer, we cannot make that claim due to commercial applications where food safety and function is very important. You may absolutely use PLA in the refrigerator.

Question: Can I put the PLA bowls or lids in the microwave?

Answer: No, PLA should never be put in the microwave as it will begin to deform and possibly melt into the food.

Question: How long will food last in the PLA containers?

Answer: This varies depending on climate, atmosphere, type of food, and more. PLA will keep food fresh just like a plastic container, provided that the temperature and atmosphere of where the container is kept meets the criteria for PLA material. A refrigerator, a cabinet (for dry foods), and dry storage are all acceptable places to use a PLA container.

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