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About Us

Eco-pliant was created when two members of Surfrider attempted to implement the use of paper straws across the local establishments in their area, without the desired success rate. They went on to create their own business, take a stand, and create an influential business supplying the best eco-friendly restaurant products. Now their 5 warehouses span across the country, supplying every state from coast to coast.


Eco-pliant donates a portion of each of their sales to local environmental non-profits, so every purchase benefits your clients and benefits your community. Their goal is simple: to protect the environment, beginning with local food businesses, so you and your guests can focus on what matters: good food with good friends with no environmental impact.


Nowadays, Eco-pliant supplies eco-friendly compostable food packaging to hospitals, restaurants, bars, caterers, and more. They stock only the top brands for paper straws, takeout clamshells, souffle cups, to-go containers, biodegradable food trays, and more. They ensure each product is FDA approved, BPI certified, and recyclable. With products like these, they are seeing the change they desire, one local business at a time.

Why eco-pliant?

Fast & Reliable Delivery

We know you need your products right away and can’t afford to wait for delayed shipping. That’s why we host 5 warehouses across the US with inventory share and smart tracking. This is how we guarantee 2-day shipping for paper straws, to-go containers, fiber bowls, and more. You won’t be low on stock with our dependable shipping system.

Product Selection and Affordability

We supply a variety of compostable and biodegradable restaurant products to fit any business, from local cafes to hospital food courts. Paper straws, to-go containers, paper bags, and biodegradable portion bowls are just a few of the selection we carry. Plus, we only stock from reputable brands like Aardvark, Fold-Pak, and more, so you know it is quality you can depend on.

We Give Back to the Community

Every purchase you make sends a portion right back into local communities via donations to non-profits focused on the environment. This means you’re not just creating a greener business and helping your customer to stay eco-friendly, but you are improving community efforts to save our oceans, improve our beaches, and protect our wildlife from plastic pollution. With us, you are part of the solution, every step of the way.

A Mission Close to Home

The mission eco-pliant stands behind is to help you provide a fun time for your neighbors and friends without harming the environment in the process. We are saving our planet by providing you with solutions to replace one-use plastic items. Our mission is so important to us we have placed as a finalist in Vendor of the Year awards 2018 in our local area, showing how we give back to the community and stay active in producing change.

We Know Our Products

We make an effort to fully describe each product we sell, showcasing how it positively impacts your business and provides a fulfilling experience for your customers. We don’t just supply eco-friendly products, but reliable eco-friendly products that hold up to use and then biodegrade without impacting the earth. It has form, function, and recyclability, all that you can count on without sacrificing any reliability.

Our Products Are


Stop pollution at the source. Our products will always decompose in the required time period. Never guess whether your packaging meets regulatory guidelines.


Our products are always recyclable. Reduce your waste management spend by redirecting your waste to the less expensive, blue recycling bin.


Always certified. Customers will know you're serious about your business's environmental impact.

Not So Fun Facts About Plastic Pollution

500 Million


500 million plastic straws are discarded in the US and billions more globally everyday and can’t be recycled.



By 2050, it’s estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish (currently, 90% of pollution in the ocean is plastic).



Plastic straws cannot be recycled or composted, so they cost operators $100s extra per month on their waste management bills.



100,000 marine animals are killed by plastic debris annually.



You’re swallowing up to 11,000 pieces of plastic a year if your diet contains seafood.



33 percent of plastic is used once and then discarded.

200 Years


It takes 200 years for a single plastic straw to break down.


Support the Paper Straw Movement!

At eco-pliant, we believe in doing well by doing good. A portion of each sale goes to local environmental non-profits, allowing our customers that transition to compostable products to proactively give back to the communities that help them thrive.

Here are a few of the organizations that we support:

 Surfrider Foundation

 Plastic Pollution Coalition

 Earth Day San Francisco

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