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Customer Questions and Answers – Paper Containers and Lids

Question: Are the paper deli containers compostable?

Answer: It depends, we have a variety of paper deli containers to meet many needs and price-points. The bio-lined deli containers are 100% compostable, you can find out if a product is compostable or recyclable in the Key Features section of each product page. If you choose a PET lined deli container then these would not be compostable, but would still be recyclable.

Question: What are the deli containers made of?

Answer: The deli containers in this category are made from FSC Certified paper. The paper boxes use a mixture of recycled content paper and virgin paper. All of our deli containers are strong enough to hold both hot and cold foods. Soups and chilis work great in these containers.

Question: Are the paper deli containers freezer safe?

Answer: Yes, the paper deli containers and lids are freezer safe.

Question: Can you microwave the paper deli containers?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. The deli containers are microwave-safe, and can be heated in the microwave to your discretion.

Question: Can you put the paper deli containers in the oven?

Answer: We do not recommend putting paper containers in the oven.

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