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Customer Questions and Answers – Fiber Clamshells

Question: Are the fiber clamshells compostable?

Answer: Yes, the clamshells are 100% compostable. The clamshell containers will break down in 2 to 4 months in a commercial composting environment.

Question: What is the difference between fiber clamshells and fiber takeout containers?

Answer: The biggest difference between the two is that our clamshells do not need a lid. This is helpful if you don’t want to manage two different SKUs in your inventory. The fiber clamshells are better suited for leftovers, whereas the fiber containers have a tighter lid fit and better options for meals to-go and delivery.

Question: What are the fiber clamshells made out of?

Answer: The fiber products are made from various natural fibers including sugarcane bagasse, wheatgrass, bamboo, and silver grass. Usually, the fibers are diverted from other industries manufacturing processes to the packaging factory. This is where the fibers are cleaned, processed, and given new life as food packaging!

Question: Are the fiber clamshells freezer safe?

Answer: Yes, the fiber clamshells are freezer safe. Great if you have leftovers you need to save or prepared food needed to be frozen.

Question: Can you microwave the fiber clamshells?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. The fiber clamshells are microwave-safe, and can be heated in the microwave to your discretion.

Question: Can you put the clamshells in the oven?

Answer: We do not recommend putting fiber clamshells in the oven. This is a risk of fire as all ovens are different and operate at different settings

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