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3 Reasons Why Eco-friendly Food Packaging Earns Brand Loyalty

There are many forces that can move food and restaurant trends, and the last two years have had brands hustling to keep up.

Food trends change, and 2023 is no different. These are some of this year’s trends:

  • Menus
  • Services Offered
  • Online Presence
  • Green Kitchens
  • Packaging Concerns

There were changes in every aspect of the industry, many of which were out of necessity to survive the pandemic, but there are some trends that are being driven by demands from consumers, and brands are seeing this as an opportunity to solidify brand loyalty.

When millennials and GenZ’s are asked, they don’t mix words. Environmentally aware and willing to pay the extra price, they have demands before they open their wallets.

One such demand is eco friendly food packaging.

By meeting these demands brands can retain and grow loyal customers.

Here are three reasons why using eco-friendly food packaging earns brand loyalty and what drives the consumers to remain loyal.

1. Contribution/ Desire to Help

There is no denying that people want to get involved and do something that is going to be beneficial for not only themselves but for the entire planet at large.

The feel-good emotions and the “I’m doing my part” feelings, along with wanting to have a better world in general have consumers looking at everything they do and putting their wallets where their hearts are.

So when it comes down to where they spend their money and who they follow, things like eco-friendly food packaging matter.

Environmental concerns are list toppers and today’s consumers want to know that what they have purchased is in alignment with their goals and their heart’s desire, which is to do their parts towards protecting the environment.

So if a brand has made the efforts to give them an opportunity to help in this way, the collaboration has begun and loyalty will be the by-product.

2. Shared Values

When the customer and the company have a common ground they will stick together through the storms.

Shared values could possibly be at the top of the list of reasons why consumers would show loyalty to a particular brand.

Having a common value, and a common goal keeps people on board. If responsible, belief-driven values are expressed by a brand through the products they use, and it aligns with a certain group, undoubtedly this builds long-lasting relationships.

This is who we are and who we support and we share these specific values concerning the environment and our awareness of the issues. Loyalty is built on trust and shared value.

3. Listening to the Customer

Have you ever been in a conversation where you felt like you just weren’t being heard?

Brand loyalty-building can be as easy as listening to the customer and implementing their ideas. People will jump brands or boycott in a hot second if what they are demanding isn’t acted upon.

Changing a takeout cup to a sustainable eco-friendly product can mean the difference in a customer coming back or having them jump brands because they don’t feel like their voices are being heard.

“I hear you” is gold to loyal customers.

The Takeout Takeaway

When we look at the growing efforts of brands and consumers to mutually find solutions to environmental issues concerning packaging waste and how to control it, eco-friendly packaging is a step that both are taking together.

Brand loyalty can be a sign of cooperative moves towards a common goal.
And in this case, the goal that a brand can be proud of is affordable, sustainable food packaging that builds confidence and loyal customers.

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