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6″ Cutlery Kit, Wooden – Fork and Knife, Wrapped (500/case)

Product Description

These 6” disposable, wrapped wooden fork and knife sets are made from birch wood, making them an environmentally smart decision. Because these utensils are completely organic, they are 100% compostable in a home composter or at a commercial composting facility. These forks are also F.S.C. (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and contain no coatings, waxes, or toxicants of any sort. Perfect for steaks and other food items. Going green has never been easier!

Key Features

Material: Wood



Best for: Compost, To-go Meals, Food Delivery, Food Trucks, Salads,

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6″ Cutlery Kit, Wooden – Fork and Knife, Wrapped (500/case)


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Case Pack: 500

Product Dimensions (in): 6.2 x .75 x .07

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