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4-Cup Fiber Beverage Carry Tray

(300 trays / case)

Product Description

This on-the-go four-cup drink carrier is designed to hold a variety of items, providing a safe way to carry everything you need in one easy trip. These carriers are made from 100% recycled newsprint. Featuring a sturdy multi-compartment design, this natural carrier is built to accommodate up to four 8 to 32 oz cups. It is moisture-resistant to prevent it from becoming soggy or unstable. The carrier is foldable, allowing for efficient, space-saving storage as well as recyclable and compostable where facilities exist. Impress your customers with your commitment to green packaging!

Key Features

Material: Fiber



Best for: To-go Meals, Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks,

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4-Cup Fiber Beverage Carry Tray

(300 trays / case)


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SKU: E-M510032
Brand: Pactiv
Case Pack: 300 trays / case
Product Dimensions (in): 8.63 x 8.63 x 2.38

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