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17.7″ x 820′ Compostable Cling Film, Cutter Box

(8 rolls / case)

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Product Description

Introducing our eco-friendly 17.7″ x 820′ Compostable Cling Film, Cutter Box (8/case). Made from PLA, a plant-based material, this cling film is a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic wrap. With a generous length of 820 feet, it provides ample coverage for all your food packaging needs. The convenient cutter box makes it easy to dispense and cut the cling film to your desired size, ensuring quick and efficient food wrapping. Perfect for delis, restaurants, and food service establishments, this compostable cling film is not only environmentally friendly but also helps to keep your food fresh and protected. Upgrade your food packaging solutions with our compostable cling film today!

Key Features

Material: PLA



Best for: Grab and Go, Baked Goods, Grocery Shelves, Catering, Craft Services, Dry Goods, Cookies, Leftovers, Compost, Deli Counters, Picnics, Vegetables, Meat Packaging, Poultry, Wraps, Sandwiches, Point-of-sale,

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17.7″ x 820′ Compostable Cling Film, Cutter Box

(8 rolls / case)


Brand: EcoSafe
Case Pack: 8 rolls / case
Product Dimensions (in): 17.7″ x 820′

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