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16×19” Compostable Produce Bags, Star Seal

(1100 / case)

Product Description

Introducing our 16×19” Compostable Produce Bags, the perfect eco-friendly solution for all your packaging needs. Made from PLA, a plant-based material, these bags are not only durable but also compostable, reducing your carbon footprint. With a case count of 1100, you’ll have plenty of bags to meet your business demands. The star seal design ensures leak-proof performance, keeping your produce fresh and secure during transportation. Ideal for delis, grocery stores, and farmers markets, these bags are a sustainable choice that will impress your customers and show your commitment to the environment.

Key Features

Material: PLA



Best for: Compost, Grab and Go, Baked Goods, Outdoor Events, Poultry, Deli Counters, Fresh Produce, Seafood Markets, Health Food Stores, Vegetables, Dry Goods,

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16×19” Compostable Produce Bags, Star Seal

(1100 / case)


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SKU: PCK1619-6
Brand: EcoSafe
Case Pack: 1100 / case
Product Dimensions (in): 16 x 19

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