Wholesale Paper Coffee Cups for Sale for Your Business Needs


Serve your customers with a coffee to go paper portion cup, fully fitted with a fiber, eco-friendly lid. Paper hot cups are great for those who enjoy hot tea, expressos, coffees, mochas, and more on the go. If your customers are looking for a refreshing soda or cup of water to go instead, paper cold cups are also available for order.


Eco-pliant stocks only BPI certified paper products, ensuring that the material is fully compostable and safe for the environment.

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Paper Hot Cups that Hold Up to Your Morning Routine


Nothing is better than a morning routine that starts with a hot cup of coffee or a hot cup of tea to go. The environmental impact stacks up, however, as those 5 cups a week, or more, have to be returned back to the earth, where they contribute to pollution. This is where the eco-pliant brand steps in to assist with your environmental impact!


We sell only the best, sturdiest, most reliable paper products. Paper coffee cups are just one of the simplest ways to protect the earth while boosting your business. Everyone enjoys a hot cup of caffeinated beverage in the morning to get them motivated, and eco-pliant wants to keep people enjoying their morning routine as much as possible.


This is why we now sell paper coffee cups at wholesale. Whether you own or manage a diner, cafe, coffee-shop, kiosk, restaurant, hospital, catering company, or something else entirely, our paper coffee cups will work for you. We stock paper hot cups in 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz sizes, all with matching fiber lids. From top to bottom, the paper coffee cup that we supply to you is 100% guaranteed to last all day and then break down safely after use.


We also supply the 22oz paper cold cup. These are great for waters to go, iced teas, sodas, juices, and more. Paper coffee cups are not the only cups you need to consider for your business, but the paper cold cups as well.


Paper Coffee Cups with Eco-Friendly Positive Impacts


A portion of every sale of our paper coffee cups and other eco-friendly products goes back to eco-friendly non profit organizations and their sustainability efforts. That means the products you are ordering are not just better for the environment, but you are contributing to on-the-ground efforts and advocacy, too.


We are part of the Paper Straw Movement, and it is part of our mission to help return the earth back to its sustainable, healthy roots. We contribute to Surfrider Foundation, Plastic Pollution Coalition, and Earth Day San Francisco, to name a few. Eco-pliant fights for change and awareness of the earth’s current health. Coffee cups are just one of the many things polluting our beaches, oceans, and other environments. Each plastic or non-recyclable cup used damages the soil, the earth, and our wildlife.


A paper coffee cup is one small change you and your customers can make that will greatly help to save the planet. Place an order today for wholesale paper coffee cups, and you will see delivery in just a few days. That’s right, we have grown from a small business to having five warehouses stocked full across the nation of sustainable, eco-friendly food products. We get each paper coffee cup product to you as quickly as possible, so you can stop with the plastic and start with the sustainable.


From plastic today to paper tomorrow, change is possible with eco-pliant and our promise of sustainability to you.


Learn More About Us and Our Paper Portion Cup Products


Eco-pliant did not begin with paper coffee cup and fiber bowls and so on. We began by trying to implement paper straws into our local community businesses. In the years since, eco-pliant has become our way of changing the world and helping the earth, one order at a time. We try to answer all your questions through our FAQ, and we are available for phone calls and emails for other questions and concerns you may have.


Some people think paper coffee cups and other sustainable food products don’t hold up as well, but that is simply not true. Everything we stock and sell is BPI-certified and FDA-approved. That means it is guaranteed to breakdown safely in the environment, be healthy for use by you and your customers, and hold up all day through use.


From hot coffee to cold beverages, there is a more sustainable option for you to choose from. Customers are looking at packaging more and more every day. If you do not offer paper hot cup or paper cold cup, your customers may begin ordering elsewhere. Wholesale paper coffee cups are now available to you, so change your business practices and watch how quickly your reputation flourishes. It is about giving back, one product at a time, to our customers, neighborhoods, environment, earth, and overall communities.