Biodegradable Clamshell Containers for Food: Clamshell Containers at Wholesale


Eco-pliant stocks a variety of clamshell food containers so you can provide your customers with the perfect biodegradable clamshell packaging no matter what meal or take out they order from you.

Our eco-pliant fiber clamshell options include one to three compartment varieties, sizes ranging from 6×6 to 9×9, and we even supply specific hoagie clamshell packaging, all biodegradable! It is now easier than ever to supply green food packaging options for all delivery and to-go orders you wrap up.

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Clamshell Packaging that is Eco-Friendly


Biodegradable clamshell food containers are now available for your restaurant’s take away orders! Fiber clamshell containers are BPI certified, meaning they are guaranteed to breakdown safely and have a positive impact on the environment after use, especially compared to standard plastic clamshell container that cause pollution in our beaches and oceans. Unlike plastic clamshell containers, fiber clamshell containers don’t harm wild animals or the environment. In fact, they break down sustainably, returning to the earth without any harm inflicted.


Fiber clamshell containers work just as well, if not better than, the plastic clamshell packaging you may be used to. The biodegradable clamshell containers we supply hold up against all types of food -- from gravy to soups to the simplest salads and rice bowls. Don’t spend another day supplying plastic clamshell container to your customers, clogging up their trash bins and harming the environment. With fiber clamshell packaging from us, your customers can have take-out, guilt-free by you and your business going green. Plus, fiber clamshells are sturdy and resilient, holding up to car rides or overnights in the fridge.


If you have ever worried about a spill, leakage, or inadequate locking and sealing -- our biodegradable clamshell containers don’t have those issues! Eco-friendly clamshell containers have an interlocking system to seal during transport and overnight refrigeration. They are sturdy, well-built, and completely safe to place into the recycling bin the next day, with the promise they will breakdown naturally in the environment, instead of ending up in our beaches or oceans.


Takeout Clamshell Containers for Any Business


Whether your customers are ordering take out or need a compostable box for leftovers after a delicious meal out on the town, supply them with a trusted biodegradable option. These days, more and more customers are ordering to-go options or delivery for their meals. Every time you use a plastic container for those orders, it ends up back in our planet’s natural environment.


Customers are also taking a closer look at what supplies their restaurants are using. If your competitor is using all eco-friendly clamshell containers, but you are not, your customers may begin to gravitate towards their business instead.  With biodegradable clamshell containers, you don’t need to worry about supplying endless amounts of delivery meals to your customers that will result in harmful waste; in fact, you can deliver all your favorite recipes with pride!


Your customers will appreciate you for it, order more often, and feel confident buying from a business that is sustainable and going-green.


Talk to Us About Our Clamshell Containers at Wholesale


Not sure if our fiber clamshell containers are right for you? We offer our clamshell container at wholesale for restaurants, cafes, hospitals, and more. This means that no matter when or why people need your food to-go, you have a trusted, greener option to provide to them. Businesses across America have trusted in the eco-pliant promise of providing a more sustainable tomorrow, beginning with food packaging. It’s no wonder clients rave about us and we are recognized for our greener, eco-friendly efforts. From community donations to advocacy, we are all about sustainable living from beginning to end.


Eco-pliant promises fast, secure shipping nationwide with our five warehouses located across the United States. No matter where your business operates, we have a quick delivery solution that is ready to get you stocked and delivering with greener products in no time. Switching from plastic clamshell containers to fiber clamshell containers is a breeze, with no extensive waiting or hold-ups. End the plastic cycle today, and begin the greener footprint tomorrow when you order from us.


Check out our FAQ for more info about the positive impact of fiber restaurant materials, and to discover more ways you can make a difference in the health of our earth. Contact us with any questions, from the pricing of our products ordered in bulk to the sustainability and reliability of every eco-friendly food packaging we offer.


Plus, talk to us about customization options for your to-go containers, to keep your brand on each biodegradable food packaging option, to remind your customers you care. We promise positive answers to any concerns you have to help rock your restaurant world and implement change for a better, greener earth tomorrow, starting with you and how you deliver your food. Going green is easy, with eco-pliant’s fiber clamshell containers.