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48 Gallon Compostable Can Liner, 42×48

(125 bags / case)

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Product Description

These 48-gallon, coreless, 100% compostable bags are made from a mixture of synthetic and starch-based plastics. These bags are great to line your kitchen compost bin, making it easy to separate food scraps, paper towels, and other compostables. These bags are BPI Certified Compostable and will compost in 2 to 4 months in a commercial composting system. Let us help apply sustainable practices in all areas of your operation!

Key Features

Material: PLA



Best for: Compost, Trash Disposal,

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48 Gallon Compostable Can Liner, 42×48

(125 bags / case)


SKU: 38990642
Brand: Heritage
Case Pack: 125 bags / case
Product Dimensions (in): 3.75 x 19.5 x 13

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