Compostable Trays & Biodegradable Food Trays Available for Takeout Orders

Eco-pliant supplies a variety of take out trays, to-go containers, and securing fiber lids for any food delivering or eco-friendly catering business. Our takeaway trays vary with 1 to 3 compartment options, and can be ordered as a shallower compostable tray or a deeper recyclable box.

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BPI Certified Take Out Trays

Each fiber container from eco-pliant is BPI certified to breakdown safely after use, staying durable during transport and holding food reliably. Every compostable to-go container also has an optional fiber lid that fits securely for the best food storage during transport. Sizes range from 9x7x1.5 to 10x8.


Biodegradable Trays and Compostable Food Containers for Hospitals, Caterers, and More

eco-pliant sources and sells only the highest quality, certified packaging products. All of our sales include a donation to local non-profits that benefit environmental safety. Our mission is to save the earth by replacing single-use plastic items one at a time. Our compostable food trays are great for hospitals, takeaway, cafes, catering, and more.

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