Fiber Condiment Cups with Lids are Perfect for Your Business


Fiber souffle cups are the perfect portion cups for your business! Small, one-use plastic condiment cups are harmful to the environment and end up polluting our oceans and beaches. Fiber portion cups with lids are instead BPI certified to break down safely in the environment after use!


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2oz Portion Cups and 4oz Portion Cups with Lids


Eco-pliant provides both 2oz cups and 4oz portion cups with lids. Each option is a fiber cup that has found to be reliable and sturdy for the length of its use. We supply Worldcentric brand, so you know it’s a trusted name you can stand behind.


Fast Shipping on Eco-Friendly Souffle Cups


With 5 warehouses nationwide, we provide you with your supplies quick and intact, so you are never left waiting for an order. Our mission is simple, to replace one-use plastic items with durable, trusted recyclable materials, and our souffle cups fulfill that promise.


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