Paper Straws Wholesale: Biodegradable Paper Straws Made in the USA

Our eco-pliant paper straws come in a variety of colors, styles, lengths, and sizes, so you have an option no matter what industry you are supplying for.  Our inventory includes Aardvark paper straws, colored paper straws, seastraws, striped paper straws, plain white straws, flex paper straws, and individually wrapped straws in bulk.


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Compostable Paper Straws for Any Industry: Shipped On Time

Whether you are supplying large smoothie straws or smaller cocktail paper straws, there is an eco-friendly straws option for you. We provide guaranteed fast, two-day shipping on in-stock items, so there is no waiting around for your compostable straws bulk order -- it is there, on time, when you need it.


Trusted Paper Straws Made in the USA

All products we supply are FDA approved, BPI certified, made in the USA, and durable and long-lasting. Our paper straws hold up in drinks and break down as compost when recycled. You can have both durability and environmentally-friendly in your compostable straw options, just browse our variety and find the style, width, and material that works best for your business.


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