Recyclable Food Containers at Wholesale: Compostable Folding Food Boxes

Compostable to-go food boxes are a great option to assist your customers when they have leftovers they want to take home, without having the damaging environmental impact in the process. Biodegradable food containers are secure, durable, and have folding, securing lids no matter what meal needs to be transported.

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Eco-Friendly Variety of Biodegradable Takeout Food Containers to Order

Eco-pliant stocks a variety of BPI certified recyclable to-go containers and compostable takeout containers for any need with a variety of sizes and sealing options. We offer the BioPlus Terra ii containers, with compostable folding lids for takeaway food. We also stock Compost-a-pak recyclable food containers, in 24oz and 48oz.

Compostable Folding Food Boxes to Stop Pollution

Stay green by supplying your customers with eco-friendly food containers for their leftovers after a delicious meal. Plus, every purchase with eco-pliant supports your local environment, because each sale donates back to non-profits focusing on pollution.

Contact us or read our FAQ for any further information about our products, mission, and involvement.