Biodegradable Soup Bowls and Compostable Salad Bowls You Can Trust

Biodegradable salad bowls and compostable soup bowls are fiber bowls that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit every need your restaurant has. Each bowl can be paired with a fiber lid, so that every salad, meal, or soup recipe stays secure during transport. Choose from both round and square compostable bowls for your business!

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Compostable Bowls for Soups and Salads: BPI Certified

Fiber bowls are compostable, recyclable, and BPI certified to breakdown safely for the health of the environment. Go green with a wide inventory of compostable bowls that can be used for soups or salads, including square compostable bowls, bullet recyclable bowls, specific soup biodegradable bowls, and grain fiber bowls. Sizes begin at 8oz and are offered up to 48oz.


Fiber Bowls that Give Back to the Community

No matter if you are serving lunch or providing a take-away option for dinner, give your customers an eco-friendly option. With every purchase you make from eco-pliant, we also donate a portion back to local non-profits focusing on the environment.

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