Fiber Condiment Cups with Lids are Perfect for Your Business


Fiber souffle cups are the perfect portion cup for your business! Small, one-use plastic condiment cups with lids are harmful to the environment and end up polluting our oceans and beaches.


A fiber portion cup, instead, is BPI certified to break down safely in the environment after its use, giving you, your clients, and the earth peace of mind and sustainability.

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A 4oz Portion Cup and a 2oz Portion Cup with Lids for Sale


Eco-pliant provides both options for either a 4oz portion cup and or a 2oz portion cup with lids for your business. A fiber cup as your condiment cup is the perfect sustainable option for your business, your customers, and the earth. Plastic condiment cups with lids are considered one-use plastic items. This means you stock hundreds, go through dozens a day, and all of them end back up in the trash and polluting the earth.


The mission and direction behind eco-pliant is to lower and eventually erase the use of one-use plastic items in the food industry, including the excess amounts of plastic condiment cups with lids that are in use and being disposed of today. Instead, we offer fiber condiment cups with lids as a sturdy, eco-friendly replacement. Each fiber cup we stock has been found to be reliable and sturdy for the length of its use. We supply the Worldcentric brand, a trusted name you can stand behind.


Consider how many condiment cups with lids you go through in your business. Caters need a portion cup for dipping sauces on the side or on tables; hospitals use condiment cups for those eating on the go or in the waiting area; restaurants and cafes burn through condiment cups for to-go orders, especially when one meal has several dipping or sauce options.


You may think that a small plastic condiment cup has no impact, but the plastic adds up quickly. Switch to a fiber cup option instead, and make a difference in the earth’s sustainability. Not only does switching to a fiber portion cup impact the earth, it makes a better impression on your customers. Today, customers are looking at how sustainable restaurants are before deciding to eat there. A plastic condiment cup could be the difference between a customer ordering take out from your restaurant, or switching to a competitor who already utilizes fiber 2 oz condiment cups with lids instead.


Fast Shipping on Eco-Friendly Souffle Cups


Don’t risk clientele when it comes to something so easy to switch as the portion cup you stock. Eco-pliant has five warehouses across the nation, so as soon as you decide to switch to a more sustainable business practice, beginning with our fiber cup, you can have your order in just a few days. We’re taking the hassle out of going green, and are here to support your business changes, one portion cup at a time.


Eco-pliant also gives back to community efforts and eco-friendly nonprofits with every purchase you make from our fiber cup inventory. That’s right -- we don’t stop the efforts in our online store, but we take them to the people doing the work in the field, as well. A donation of each sale is provided to a nonprofit that is focused on eco-friendly change and impact. For us, it is about cleaning up the earth, advocating for change, and supplying reliable eco-friendly options to the food industry.


Some of the organizations we work with are the Surfrider Foundation, Plastic Pollution Coalition, and Earth Day San Francisco. We are proud supporters of the Paper Straw Movement, and we hope you are, too. We started as a small business trying to put paper straws into our local communities. Now, we focus on all recyclable products, including portion cup, for a brighter, greener tomorrow.


Rumors are that environmentally friendly food packaging options are not as reliable or sturdy, but we are here to prove to you that is simply not true. Our fiber cups, condiment cups with lids, and more can all handle the job, without the damaging impact. Nothing can be done to save the earth without the help of all communities and all community members. One small change has a rippling effect across neighborhoods, and we want part of that change to begin with you.


Read more about how we got started, check out our FAQ for answers to standard questions, and contact us to learn more. We have positive solutions for your problems so that everyone, even the earth, has a brighter day.


If you are wondering about pricing for large orders for your business, give us a call. We handle large orders for businesses like hospitals, caters, and large restaurants all the time, while smaller cafes and bars even find great use for smaller sized orders from us. Today begins the day of change.