Biodegradable Paper Straws You Can Order in Bulk


Our eco-pliant biodegradable paper straws come in a variety of colors, styles, lengths, and sizes, so you have an option no matter what industry you are supplying for. The inventory we stock includes Aardvark paper straws, colored paper straws, seastraws, striped paper straws, plain white straws, flex paper straws, and individually wrapped straws in bulk.

Compostable Paper Straws at Wholesale for Any Industry


Whether you are supplying large smoothie straws or smaller cocktail paper straws, there is an eco-friendly straws option for you to be found at eco-pliant.


Our cocktail paper straws are one option. These biodegradable paper straws are 5.75”, the perfect height for an Old-fashioned, Moscow Mule, or in-house special drink. Our cocktail biodegradable paper straws come in black, white, or red and white striped, so you can be simple and elegant or add a splash of color for flare. The paper straws come unwrapped, easy to slip into a drink and handoff to a customer without any fumbling or extra waste.


Large smoothie and milkshake biodegradable paper straws are also in stock! We supply both 10” paper straws and 7.75” paper straws. Both selections of large paper straws are wrapped and white in color, a great neutral tone for any atmosphere or ambiance you are aiming for.


For standard unwrapped paper straws in bulk, you can order both in 7.75” sizes or 10” sizes. We supply black, white, black and white, blue and white striped, and red striped straws. Brands available for order include Aardvark paper straws or seastraws, both of which are reputable and long-lasting brands you know you can trust.


Eco-pliant wrapped paper straws can be ordered in a variety of different brands, including Aardvark paper straws, Karat paper straws, or seastraws! We supply both standard compostable straws and flex paper straws, so you can still provide a bendy straw that is eco-friendly! Wrapped paper straws come in white and are 7.75”.


It’s no wonder the paper straw movement is growing - with so many options, anything you need can be found, ordered, and in your business this week.


Trusted Paper Straws Made in the USA


We provide guaranteed fast, two-day shipping on in-stock items, so there is no waiting around for your compostable straws bulk order -- it is there, on time when you need it. With five warehouses across the nation, you will have plastic straws in stock today, and then biodegradable paper straws in stock tomorrow. Bulk, wholesale orders allow you to order the exact quantity and style you need to keep your customers happy.


All products we supply are FDA approved, BPI certified, made in the USA, and durable and long-lasting. Our paper straws hold up in drinks and break down as compost when recycled. You can have both durability and environmentally-friendly in your compostable straw options, just browse our variety and find the style, width, and material that works best for your business.


We supply biodegradable paper straws to a variety of food businesses, including catering companies, hospitals, cafes, bars, restaurants, and more. No matter what you need, we have the perfect style to enhance your customer’s dining experience. It is the range of colors and materials that we provide that really bring your ambiance to life, all while being eco-friendly.


Customers are paying more and more attention to the sustainability of their favorite restaurants and bars. If you are not staying ahead of the curve with biodegradable straws, then clients may start going to your competition instead. Break the rumors that paper straws don’t hold up as well as traditional plastic straws by purchasing our sturdy, name-branded paper straw options today. We promise the only change your customers will see will be the improvement to the earth’s health.


Protect wildlife and deplete pollution with our paper straws in bulk order. Plus, every order from eco-pliant has a portion of the sales being donated to local nonprofits that work to clean up the earth and advocate for change. Some of the organizations we work with are the Surfrider Foundation, Plastic Pollution Coalition, and Earth Day San Francisco, to name a few!

You can read about environment news on our blog to see how we focus on changing the sustainability of the food industry, one product at a time. It begins with a paper straw and grows from there! We have tips for entire restaurant sustainability practices, and we breakdown the use of each of our other sustainable, fiber products. Revamp your entire business to embrace the eco-friendly way. Trash bins can stay empty and recycling bins can fill up. Go to the ocean, beaches, and more with peace of mind when you do your part to reduce waste.

Any questions? Contact us and we’ll give you some more information, or check out our FAQ page. If you’re looking for more information about how we got started and the eco-pliant mission, check out our About page, and see how eco-pliant advocates for change!