Folding Food Boxes

Compostable Food Boxes at Wholesale


Folding food boxes are the number one solution to provide to your customers when they have leftovers they are looking to package up and take home, or you are looking for a greener way to supply delivery.


Folding Boxes


Our eco-friendly folding boxes allow you to give your customers greener options when taking food home, without having the damaging environmental impact in the process.

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Recyclable Food Containers

Stop Pollution with Folding Food Boxes  

Eco-pliant biodegradable food boxes are secure, durable, and have folding, securing lids, so no matter what meal needs to be transported, from dishes with sauces to three course meals, you have the recyclable food containers that was made for the job. Eco-pliant stocks a variety of BPI certified recyclable food containers and compostable food boxes for any catering or restaurant need. Our folding food boxes come in a variety of sizes and sealing options, all available for order from wholesale, so you get the perfect match for your needs without any compromise.


Compostable Food Packaging


We offer the BioPlus Terra ii containers, with compostable folding lids for takeaway food. We have the folding food container for you that is also compostable food packaging and biodegradable, making plastic folding food boxes a thing of the past. BioPlus Terra ii compostable food boxes are some of the most popular for a reason, and we are proud to supply them!


Compost-a-pak folding food boxes also have interlocking lids to keep freshness in. We provide recyclable food containers that make you wonder why you ever used plastic to begin with. Going green with biodegradable food containers not only helps your business, it helps your customers.


Compostable Food Boxes

Folding Boxes You Can Order  

Stay green by supplying your customers with eco-friendly folding food boxes for their leftovers after a delicious meal. Whether you need folding food boxes for simple to-go containers, or you offer delivery and need greener options, our folding food boxes work for you. We are proud to deliver across the country our compostable food boxes in as little as a few days. Compostable materials are made from materials such as sugarcane and corn starch. These materials rot completely away and leave little in the way of minerals or other materials behind. Eco-pliant provides our compostable food boxes to a variety of businesses, so no matter what business you run, our products work for you. We supply for hospitals, restaurants, smaller cafes, catering companies, and more.


Yes, our products work for you, we promise you that. Check out our FAQ to learn more about how and why eco-pliant got started. That’s right, each compostable folding food box you order from us donates a portion of the sale back into community efforts to clean up the earth. We’re not just a company supplying recyclable food containers, we are fighting every day to see our earth be a cleaner place to live.


Eco-pliant provides the art Folding Boxes to its valued customers on wholesale rates with exclusive and cost-effective quality. Contact us or check out our About section for more information about our products, mission, and involvement in greener community efforts. You can start small with biodegradable food boxes, and see changes in the earth around you already.